TYRESE GIBSON From Movies To Music, Find Out Why Tyrese Gibson Is A Force To Be Reckoned With.

By Becky Mireles

In Texas Music


Longevity in the Entertainment World is Not easily attained.  Many stars fade with time due to lack of passion and focus. With 20 plus years under his belt, Tyrese Gibson has defied all odds.  He has maintained a steady career, always working on his music, movies, and so much more. "I never claimed to be the biggest star, I'm Just me, and I just have this mind state to take advantage of My America" says Tyrese.

It is apparent through his Social Media Pages that Tyrese attributes his success to his loyal fans.  In addition to promoting  his latest works, Tyrese humbly offers insight and inspiration to encourage those who may want to follow in his footsteps. Tyrese is a genuine artist that is true to his craft. With The Release of Furious 7 on April 3, and his soon to be released project Black Rose on July 7th, Tyrese continues to show the world that focus, determination, and a humble heart are key to a long, fruitful career in the Entertainment Industry.


On April 3rd, 2015, fans can once again get their adrenaline fix from with the release of the latest installment in the Fast & Furious Franchise, Furious 7. Tyrese stars once again as the clever, energetic Roman. He describes his character as the "realist" of the Furious Family.  He states, "Because of the intensity of the movie, I'm glad to be able to help the audience have some fun, crack some jokes and laugh a little bit while they enjoy their favorite franchise."

In Furious 7, the story takes us on a vengeance romp, as Deckard Shaw seeks revenge against Dominic Toretto and his family for the death of his brother. Have the FF Family Met Their Match?  Find Out On April 3rd!


In other Tyrese related cinematic news, Beauty and Music Magazine has learned that there MIGHT be the possibility of Tyrese guest starring on the show "Empire" in upcoming seasons.  We believe Tyrese being on "Empire" would the give the show a real boost, as fans long to see Tyrese with his iconic partner from the Movie "Baby Boy", Taraji P. Henson. Should this awesome guest star appearance come to fruition, fans will be thrilled!


"Black Rose" will be Tyrese's last solo album he will put out.  He will continue to sing, he says, but there will be no more studio albums.  With that being said, The "Black Rose" release will offer WAY more to fans than any other project we have seen put out by artists.


This is what you can expect:


"Black Rose", A double album consisting of 20 songs and interludes that tell a story. "I feel like this album is my most honest album, and at the same time, it's my most uncomfortable album...it's my truth," explains Tyrese. On one side is R&B, on the other, we get to experience the rap stylings of BLACK TY (Tyrese). Everything on the album is part of a story.


The newly released single "DumbS***" featuring Snoop Dogg for example, is an honest, hard -hitting song about the shame that comes from doing... well, Dumbs*** in relationships.  Fans can relate to that, which is helping this first single from the "Black Rose" Album sky rocket to the top.  Check Out the Video and See for Yourself!

Another important part of this project is Tyrese's latest book, also entitled "Black Rose". "Black Rose" is the follow-up to his Two New York Times best sellers:




With his book, Tyrese is also creating his first Audio Book ever.  With this Audio Book, he's taking all the music from "Black Rose" the album,and putting it to serve as the background to his vocal narration. "You're sure to not get bored, 'cause it goes from one song to the next," says Tyrese.


There will also be a Behind the Scenes Documentary that will show how the project was conceptualized, who was involved, candid moments, and much more.



Lastly, the soon to be released Movie "Shame", starring Tyrese and Jennifer Hudson, coincide with the single Shame from the "Black Rose" music album.  "Shame" was envisioned to be connected to the actual song.  "It's not a music video, it's a movie," Tyrese states. In the movie, Tyrese portrays a struggling soul singer that is married to Jennifer Hudson's character. Directed by  Paul Hunter, "Shame" takes place in 1968, and, to quote Tyrese, "Its the most uncomfortable movie Me and Jennifer Hudson have ever done."


The entire "Black Rose" project, from the studio album to the books and short film, promises to be a heartfelt, honest look into the heart and soul of Tyrese.


On Facebook, Tyrese consistently posts positive,inspirational pictures and messages.  His motives behind it:


"I have this feeling ... what else is my career about than passing along insider information that may help someone else make it one day. There's an unspoken addiction people have with Social Media, it has become an important part of everyone's life...


My FB page has 1.2 Billion hits per month, and I only have 23 Million followers. Anyone else would look at that and be arrogant, in my mind, I've got 1.2 Billion Souls and spirits and Hearts I can reach with motivational messages.  I feel this is a stage that God has blessed me with, to use it to motivate and inspire people."-Tyrese


If you haven't already done so, add Tyrese to your various Social Media accounts so that you may be inspired.


It's not often that we get to really know our favorite musicians and celebrities from the inside out.  Throughout the years, Tyrese has expressed himself through his work,whether it be movies or music, and has truly given fans pure entertainment.  Above all, he has truly earned the title of Role Model, due to his humbleness toward his fans and the amount of courage and effort he puts into everything he does.


Therefore, Beauty and Music Magazine Awards Tyrese Gibson with Our first ever GENUINE ARTIST AWARD, for being true to his craft, as well as to his fans...


We wish Tyrese much Love and Success in all his endeavors.


Thank You for Being a GENUINE ARTIST!


~Becky Mireles

Editor, Beauty and Music Magazine




                        is the creator of Beauty and Music Magazine a subsidiary of Kingdom Legacy Records of which she is also a partner with her husband Capone De Leon and their family.  Her goal is to empower women to succeed in life and to achieve all they are able to.  She is an extremely talented recording artist who is using her gifts to serve in ministry.  She is also on the board of directors of several non profit organizations here in Texas.  Becky Mireles is also a talented copy writer and editor.

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